Friday, October 22, 2010

Han Yu PIn Yin (汉语拼音)

It is a challenge for today's kid to learn Chinese in a English speaking environment.  At school, all Jay's friends speaks in English.  At home, he speak English to our domestic helper.  So, what can we do so that our kids can still remember how to speak in Chinese/Mandarin.

One of the first thing is to get him involve in Han Yu Pin Yin.  Although at his young age, they don't really know what is Han Yu PIn Yin, but as long as they touch a bit of it, when they grow up, it will be useful.

I saw this on one of the online store in China.  So, I bought it.  It is about RMB 68.  Including shipping, its about S$18-20 like that.  I found it useful.


So, what I do is, I asked Jay to press each character.  And listen to how it is pronounce, and follow by reading it out.  Every night, before Jay goes to sleep, ask him to do it.  After a few weeks later... he now can understand what is the meaning of all these PinYin.  And he can also differentiate it from the English pronunciation.  So that is where I taught him, J follow by IE is JIE (杰) which is his name.

I think it is very useful.  Recommend for those 3-5 years old.


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