Monday, October 11, 2010

Jay's 4th Years Old Birthday Cake


Nowadays, buying a birthday cake seems like a must in order to give your child a very good memorable childhood memory.


And of course, you get to take a very good family photo if you have a pretty cake.  (Note: Baby Kay's eye lid got bitten by a fierce mosquito from Johor Bahru.  So, it is swollen a bit).


Back in 2 months ago (i.e. August, during his little brother, Kay's birthday) Jay has already specify what is the theme of the cake.  Jay says "I want a Shinkansen cake, that has air plane, etc).  Of course, we knew what he wants, basically, he wants to remember his trip to Japan.  During that trip, we sat in Singapore Airlines as well as a Japanese airplane.  We sat in the "Green Color" Kodama bullet train.  We went to Otaru, and he was having fun taking photos with the train tracks as well as the train traffic signal light.  He loves to see that Japan flag.  He like to see the flowers in Furano.  etc etc.  So, I wrote a very long email to be sent to Cheryl Shuen.  And we leave it to her to design the cake.


Cheryl Shuen did not fail this time.  She has capture all the details we specified for the cake.  And it tun out to be great!


Got to love the flowers... and the lavender... and the grass... (some classmates ate the track)


And look at the "Rocks" on the train track, it feels real.. hahaha


Here come the Kodama Shinkansen... Oh no, the track is missing...


OK... all those tracks, flowers, rocks are so good that the kids are finishing up all the items... hahaha


And they really CLEAN UP everything.. hahahaha

Happy Birthday Jay Jay!!!


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