Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saving A Kid


Will never forget this day.  Sep 19, 2010.

I was swimming in the pool today, as Jay Jay is taking the swimming lesson.  Suddenly, I heard a struggling "Help", and I turned and saw this kid is almost drown at the 2M mark there.

Without any thinking, first instinct is to swim to his location, and then carry him over my head, and walk back to the side.

I told him, next time, don't swim in deep water.  He said, uncle, can you help me to take back my float pad.  I saw that yellow float pad in the centre, so, I swim there and bring it back to him.

He thanked me and then, went to his parent there and said that he almost drown.

Later I found out that he was a guest in this condo, attending another kid's birthday party.  And there was another 3 kids came with him.  And all of them later jump into the kids pool.

I am glad that I have save him.  But if you are my friend, you should know that I always "scare" of deep water.  Even in the swimming pool, I seldom swim pass 1.6Meter mark.  But it is interesting that without thinking I swim to rescue him, and when I carry him, I was totally submerge in the water for almost a minute.

Of course, I did not cough hard when I brought him back to the side there.




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