Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lorna Whiston 30 Years @ Jacobs Ballas Children Garden

Lorna Whitston Preschool celebrate their 30 years birthday @ Jacobs Ballas Children Garden.  (Sep 12, 2010)


Its a treasure hunting game.  So we got to remember all the point of interests within the Children garden.


Next stop, Jay learned how to plant a seed... Well, he did that at home all the time with us... so this is easy for him...


Surprisingly, Jay has a lot of good smile on his face today... I think he is happy and this is very good childhood memories for him...


Jay used to be very scare running thru the suspension bridge.  But today, he is super brave.


Here is the activity where he has to find a dry leaf and use crayon to trace the leaf.  What a fun...


Here's the Lorna Whiston 30 years old cake...


Next year, Jay will go to full day class and in the afternoon, he will have to learn Drama and speech.  The teachers from Lorna Whiston Drama and Speech class was here to tell the Space Alien story today.  I think he loves it, its in his blood.


Yeap... that is his new girl friend - Erika.  Look at how he smile and post the victory sign. hahaha


Yeap, both Erika and Jay is still waiting for the cake.


His good friend - Riyandy.


How can we forget about the cute little Kay Kay.


Conrad has been in his class since day 1.


Today, Jay went down the tallest slide in the Children Garden... and I think he enjoys it.


Look at baby Kay, mommy and baby Kay loves it too.

Both kids came back and went for swimming and then both kids sleep soundly that night with this superb childhood memories...










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