Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kite Festival @ Marina Bay

Sep 18-19 is the Kite Festival.  This year it is held at Marina Bay here.  With lots of practice last week @ West Coast Park, we bought a new kite, and prepare to demonstrate our kite flying skill...


At first, we was wondering why there is such a long queue here.  After inquiry, we were told that they queue for the goodie bags.  Hmmm... Interesting...


When we arrived there, around 3:30pm, there is less than 20 kites in the air.  The weather is OK, a bit hot, but I think the wind is quite erratic.


The HDR function on iPhone 4 is fantastic.  It displayed fantastic colors too.  But I sometimes uses the TrueHDR app that I bought as it gives more in depth HDR photos.


Hey, this is our new kite.  And it is quite big.  And it comes with proper strings and the handler.  Which is good.  Let's see how this kite flies.


As usual, ladies first.  Boon Ching got the kite flying in the sky.  I promise to fly Kite with her since 14 years ago.  And finally, I deliver this promise last week.  Hahahahaha...


Then, I took over the helm.  See, how the kite flies.


Then, Jay Jay will take over.


Sorry baby Kay, no kite for you yet.


Mommy, see my kite fly so high...


Finally, around 4pm, a lot more people shows up.  And I notice that there are a lot of girls like to fly kite.  Hmmmm... very interesting...


OK baby Kay, let you play with one of the strings handler.


Baby Kay spotted something ... I think he saw some pretty girls over there.


Baby Kay still playing with it and we put him sit on top of one of our kites.


Mommy flying the kite high... but something is wrong, she goes to the other direction... hmmm...


The two boys were so hot and perspiring..


Boon Ching flew the kite into the water.  Hmmm.... and now we have a kite down beneath the water.  I am salvaging the kite.  Boy... its heavy when the kite flying in the sea water.


The wind speed suddenly slow down.  See, this is what I called erratic.  And more kites goes down to the water.


We managed to salvage ours.  And the wet kite is flying again.. but a lot of dirts on it.

I didn't know flying kite can be so peaceful and fun.  Therefore, I am now waiting for 3 kites to be shipped from Taobao.  I think each kite cost about $6-$10.  Good kites.  And let's try to fly kite now and then.  At the West Coast Park.  I think both Jay and Kay enjoy very much of it too.






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