Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rebooting Golf


It's been few years that I have not been playing golf. I am not a very good golfer as I remember I am still stuck at the above 100. And guess what, recently, my first golf game is at Changi Safra where my boss dragged me to the fairways and greens on one fine afternoon. And surprisingly, I still can swing my woods and irons.


And it follows by a golf invitation by IPC to play at Tanah Merah Garden course. A beautiful but difficult course. And I am glad that I swing the golf ball to the island green nicely placed on the left of the pin.


And then, followed by a few games in ShenZhen. Here is one of the very fine course in ShenZhen area.


Very relaxing golf range.

Everything happened within 2 weeks timeframe. And as a result, it has re-kick-started the golf hobby within me. My next few games will be the Tampinese course (TMCC) and Cebu. (Yes! will be playing at Cebu).

At the age of 40, you played golf differently. The first thing you came across your mind is NOT TO INJURE YOUR BODY. So, when you swing, you try to swing with easy going and comfortable swing. And you now PUT MORE THOUGHTS into the game to see how to get the golf balls onto the green at the most safest manner.

For me, you play golf with a reason. To entertain your customers and partners. Of course, its still a long way to play in their league. But at least that is the target you set to yourself. Because in future, you going to meet them in every event, seminar that you go.

I will break 100 this year!

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