Saturday, November 5, 2011

Big Sou Mei @ Zai Shun @ Jurong St. 24

Date:  Nov 5, 2011

Every time I come to this restaurant, there is always little things that surprises me.

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The owner says, you don't have to order any other things, just this and a very few dishes is enough.  HaHaHa and now I know why.  HaHaHa


This is Sou Mei Fish (寿眉).  How big is this fish?  It's damn big.  Look at the lips.  It is like 2 pieces of sausages forming a lip.


Look at the fierce teeth... wow.  The lips tasted like sea cucumber or some parts of the skins tasted like abalone.


The "cologen" part is very smooth, and nice to eat.  And the meat surprisingly quite tender and nice.  And of course, the sauce for the steam fish is nice.


I can't help to take this ... seven of us trying to finish the fish.  We ate almost every skin, almost every cologen, almost all the meat.  I heard that if we don't finish the fish, the owner next time will remember us and don't want to recommend us to eat any good dish.  hahaha


And Finally.  We finish every thing.


Because of that Sou Mei, it overshadow this dish.  Giuess what it is?  This is SHARK FISH HEAD steam and cook with pork lards... hahahahahha This dish also very very nice.  It is the first time I have ate such a big shark fish.


Of course, the usual staff like the braised pork leg is also very nice.


But nothing beats the nice Sou Mei.



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