Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Learning Path - Writing Something Meaningful!

Date:  Nov 8, 2011

I was thrilled to learn that my Jay Jay has finally learn how to write sentences by himself.  I know he can talk.  But writing, it is the first time I see.

Let's see what is he writing...


"I want to go to Japan"

I was surprise this is the first sentence I saw.  So, I was wondering who is teaching Jay writing all these.

Just in case you are wondering why the spacing is so wide, this is I think the teacher in school ask the students to place the index finger in between words.  This is the first time I see Jay doing it.  Well done, Jay!  For this, I will keep my promise to bring you to Japan.


Then, mommy explained.  "You know Jay keep asking me why we did not go to Japan?  It is October already."

OK.  How do you explain to this small kid that he has gone Japan 3x times and the last time we went is merely in March 2011.  hahaha

Later I found even more shocking to see the earlier pages...

What I did:

"Seating on the train"

"go to Tokyo Disneyland"

What I saw:

"Tokyo Tower"

"Mt. Fuji."

Best Memory:

"its nice to seat on bullet train"

hahaha obviously, Jay has not advanced until writing these.  Clearly, some one has been teaching him secretly and the way how he write "SEAT" instead of "SIT"... hahahhaa


Later we found out that, Jay asked our domestic helper Auntie Lorna to write on a piece of paper of what Jay himself wanted to say, and then, Jay just copy whatever Auntie Lorna wrote.

Well done Jay.  But too bad, Auntie Lorna teached the wrong "SIT".  hahahahaha

But not too bad for a kid.

So, this give me a great idea of how to teach Jay to learn more writing.  By buying him more smaller notepad.  And then encourage him to continue this.  Writing with his hand by copying what Auntie Lorna wrote on another piece of paper.  In this way, he not only can learn the spelling quick he also know how to write what he say.

Good job!


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