Sunday, November 27, 2011

Who is addicted to Beyblades?

Date:  Since October 27, 2011

What is Beyblades?  Before Oct 27, 2011, I have no idea what is that.  I remember Jay Jay asked mommy to buy Beyblades if Teacher Leong (the violin teacher) had good comments about his violin lesson.  So, Teacher Leong told us Jay Jay has been a good boy learning the violin in class.  So, it is my job to make sure Jay Jay gets a beyblade.

So, the obvious choice to to go to a toy store near by and try to search for this Beyblade that Jay Jay talks about recently.  So, we found it.  This is beyblade.


It is a nice looking "top" (in Malay, we call it Gasing).


It usually comes with such contents inside the box.


So, it is made of a few layers of parts.  It is the top screw, where you normally see their logo and name.  Then, there is the main body where it has weigth, and teeth, and different shapes.  there is a part where it comes with different gadget which gives the height of the beyblades and basically, you screw the screw with this part.  And there is the bottom part where it gives you the "Attack", "Defence" or "Balanced" attributes.


You need a launcher to launch the beyblade.


Usually, you need 2 players to play.  In a beyblade stadium.  The aim is to try to hit the other beyblades and try to see who can outlast who.  Or you can knock your opponent out of the stadium.  This is the standard competition stadium.  (Transparent).


In my opinion, after I look at a couple of it...  This is about science.  A science about spining art.  So, before you know it, you end up with these.  Initially, the Hell Kerbecs is the most powerful one.





By the time you know it, you already own some good collections of it.  A lot of kids love Beyblades.  And I can see what is the reason.  It is based on skill, luck, and uncertainty.  Some time you win, sometime you lose.  Every beyblade comes with different leg, and attributes.


You even own a collections of launchers.


Look at their legs.  It is amazing.  I call it Engineering.  You got to give it to the Japanese, their innovation to think of such great toys.  That not only suit for the kids but the adult too.



Then, you started to visit Toy R'Us every day, and get 1-2 beyblades each time you are there.


You will always appreciate the design of the beyblades.  Talking to yourself, talking to your son about the design.  And Jay Jay is amazing, yet he can remember all the single details about beyblades.  In the toy store, instead of 2, you start buying 4.



Then, you start buying bigger stuff.


Such as this extreme beyblade stadium.


Then, this is like collecting stamps.  You want or you have the desire to own the complete collections.


Then, you start ordering it from Taobao China.  As the price is 3-4 times cheaper.  However, I don't recommend so, as those are fakes.  And it is not from Tomy.  And the quality is not good.


These are the China version.  Looks ok, but not so nice to play.


Then, when you know you are obsess, is when you cut the boxes of information, and paste it into your Beyblade books...


Then, you buy a box.


Where you can keep your beyblades nicely organized.


I meant really nicely organized.


Then, it becomes a price to give if your kids perform well in a lot of activities.


And then, you get more advanced launcher...


By the time you know it, you already have even bigger collections...


Then, you found a shop in orchard, that sell a lot of limited edition beyblades...


Then, you start buying the booster box, where you don't know what is inside, but you just buy.


Then, finally, you found the best beyblade of all, that can kill the Hell Kerbecs...


when my wife Boon Ching play with Jay Jay, she lost 39 beyblades spins to this Phantom Orion... This is what makes it strong, the heavy body, and a rotatable bottom.


Then, you buy some limited edition beyblades... And those you can design and fix your own beyblades kit...


And now as of today, we have 44 beyblades in our collections... I can forsee more to come...


Very dangerous ... if you go to toy store nowadays... So, you tell me, who is addicted to Beyblades?  hahaha


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  1. Superb, Lovely staff, Really amazed by your images that you posted here as well as your says about this toy. I am a big fan of beyblade and just collected my beyblade top from at PIJ. Its also amazing as your posted beyblade toys.