Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cook with Ken: 2nd Day Breakfast is still Egg Sandwich

Date:  Nov 8, 2011

When wife is not around, you got to make sure you cook good breakfast for your kids.  So, you open the fridge and you saw the eggs, let's make another egg sandwich!  And we got to put some veggie in there too to make it more healthy.  :)


Very simple to make this sandwich la.  But what it counts is the efforts (心思) that you place in it.

All you need is 3x eggs, some soya sauce, white pepper and salt, and batter the eggs.  Then cook it.  Simple enough.


Remember, always cut your bread into triangle shape.  The kids love it.  Also in my sandwich is the butter from Hokkaido, and the a slice of Cheese from Australia and fresh veggie.


I have only 4 slices of bread left.  So, with some creativity, you put all your remaining eggs into a small plate and place it in the middle.  It looks fun this way.  Of course, the goat milk and buscuit is extra just in case, my little Kay don't like to eat bread in the morning.


Kay Kay usually don't eat any bread in the moring.  But he look at the breakfast may have 2nd thought.


Of course, my biggest fan at home love whatever I cooked.


And yes, that bowl of corn flakes is mine.  I am just like a kid, still drink and eat corn flakes!


一日之计在于晨.  Breakfast is always the most important meal at home, so must cook it with all your heart.  :)


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