Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good Place to Eat : 三楼 @ JB

Date:  Nov 4, 2011

We were driving back from KL (Capacity Asia 2011).  We were hungry.  we need food.  So, we stop by this place.

三楼海鲜 @ JB

I should be very familiar with this restaurant.  I actually grew up with this restaurant.  It is at the junction of Jalan Biru and Jalan Merah (Red & Blue) in Taman Pelangi.  It is mid-way from my high school (Foon Yew High School 宽柔中学 to my home in JB).

For so many year, I had not come here.  :)  So, its nice to be here.  Of course, the San Lou Bee Hoon is a must.  Although the original cook & here daughter has open their own shops separately elsewhere.  I think the San Lou Bee Hoon here still keep their traditions, and it taste nice.


It may not be as nice as 25 years ago, but got the look, got the taste and most importantly, got the 火候 (Fire).


It's a seafood restaurant, so the fish got to be kept cool and fresh.  Let's order some fish, and seafood.  How about a 白鲳鱼.


Oh... there go Har-Po too.  Looks nice.


We ordered a fresh chili sotong.  The sauce later can dip a lot of other food inside.  :)  Sotong is soft and fresh, and no stinky smell.


The sea prawns with Har Look style.  Tasty.


Big fat steam fish.  Teo Chew style.  and some veggies (Potato Leaves).


Overall, the food still taste pretty good.  No wonder there are quite some crowd here.  Recommend to try this.


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