Monday, May 13, 2013

生活小贴士 - Kids Drink

Date:  May 13, 2013

Let Jay Jay teach the young one how to drink a packet milk.

You must lift the two sides out like this.

IMG 1575

Then, you drink the milk like this.  Like that, your hand will not squeeze the milk packet and force the milk out accidentally.  So, this is a not messy way of drinking milk.

IMG 1576

Daddy bought a couple of packet milk for the kids.  This one I bought it from a Korean groceries store.  It is Pororo Banana Milk.

Daddy passed one packet to Jay Jay.

Then, Daddy saw Jay Jay lift the both sides up.  And drink by holding the side instead of squeezing the milk packet.

Daddy: "How do you know how to drink like that?"

Jay: "My K2 friend teach me one."

(What he means is his friend in Pre-School teach him during K2 time.)

Daddy: "Oh?  Really?  Which friend?"

Jay: "Errr… errrrrr… (He cannot remember…)".

Kids nowadays spent a lot of times in school, and they start learning all sort of things from schools without knowing that it is a very useful tip.

In fact, not long ago, I read this method of drinking milk from an article, and I was talking to myself and say why I have not known this before?  So, I was just about to remember it and wanted to teach my kids, my son show me exactly things that I was suppose to teach him.

WOW.  Good job Jay Jay!




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