Monday, May 2, 2011

Cycling at East Coast Park

Date:  May 2, 2011

The sky does not looks promising at all this morning.  But its better to go outside then watching GE 2011 youtube at home.


We put Jay's bicycle inside the boot and hang mommy's bicycle outside the car.  And off we go to East Coast Park.


As for me, I will be on my 5 wheels speeder.  Meet Mr. Roller (Left) and Mr. Blade (Right).  Hello guys, long time no see.


As usual, Kay will sit in the King's seat (皇帝宝座).  And Mommy will cycle the bike.


And as for Jay Jay, he will be riding his own bike, still with 4 wheels together... I think coming weeks we will come to the East Coast Park more often so that we can train him to let go the extra 2 wheels.


And off we go.  All three of us race against each other... and of course, I have to be the camera man too at the same time...


Jay Jay can ride very fast now.


And he cycle about 5-6 KM today.


No wonder, he looks so tired after the cycling.  So, we end up at our favorite breakfast place.  The Scruffy Murphy's.


Breakfast looks very good... and sinful.


And his drawing/painting skills is even better nowadays...


We usually ride our bicycle at Clementi big Long Kang there.  But then, you have to ride on the real road (马路) with real traffic, sometimes with young toddler, it can be very dangerous.  So, if possible, we will try to come to East Coast more often, where the road is much longer, and straighter.

Always bring your young ones to do outdoors.  Build their ability to exercise.  :)

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