Monday, May 2, 2011

GE 2011 - Statistics

Date:  May 2, 2011

OK, I never like statistics during my university days.  I simply cannot handle numbers especially when it is base on a sample size and the result of the statistics will represent a large group of populations.

During this GE 2011.  I notice the following...

No. 1.  Every day there are a lot of videos has been uploaded to youtube.  And there is this LIKE and DISLIKE button.  I notice that if it is Opposition, majority will LIKES the video.  And if it is Opposition?  majority will be DISLIKE.

Hmm... Does it mean that ONLY oppositions supporter watching the youtube?  And ruling party has no supporter watching youtube? (may be those who comes from Tanjung Pagar CC and eating the chicken rice has no time to watch youtube?).   It is very strange, what does that actually mean?  In reality, I would have guess that both side supporter will do their job to like and dislike their opponent, so that the likes and dislikes should be balanced and close to equal... But in Singapore ... So strange.


So, let's go deeper and examine....  Let's take a look at Ms. Nicole Seah best seller video... The videos is viewed 155,635 times... and 1345 people LIKES it, and only 151 people DISLIKES it.  May be majority people does not know what is Like and Dislike button do.  Die hard opposition supporter will Like the video.  Surprisingly die hard PAP supporters are not that many to Dislike it.  so, why there aren't many PAP supporter to dislike her?  Is it because, they buy in Nicole's story?

Screen shot 2011-05-02 at PM 07.29.48.png

Let's look at the other young candidates.  She has lesser people watching her video.  i.e. 53, 319 people.  Out of these people who watched the video, there are about 1,929 people DISLIKE her speech.  And only 43 people LIKE her.  Hmm... So strange, why there are more people dislike her than Nicole Seah supporters likes her.  And there are lesser people LIKE her.  so, does it mean that even pro-PAP people disapprove her?

Screen shot 2011-05-02 at PM 07.30.32.png

No. 2.  Facebook.  I have about 600 friends.  But from what I can see is almost all my friends are pro-Opposition.  My friends are from various company, various places, and most of the time we do not talk about politics.  But from what I can see their comments and status statements, I can see roughly about 90% are pro-oppositions, and only 10% are pro-PAP.

It is very interesting statistics that I have observed from my perspective.  What about yours?




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