Thursday, May 5, 2011

GE 2011 - Some Final Thoghts

Date: May 5, 2011

2 more days to election day.

This is the most exciting elections that I have ever see and feel in my 15 years stay in Singapore.

I have seen both who in favor for oppositions and the ruling parties. Attitude from the oppositions is much more better and warmer.

On the Internet arena, the oppositions has a land slide win. But be mindful, there are a lot of older generations who does not know how to use a computer.

We also cannot say that all the youngster who uses Internet will lean towards the oppositions. People who don't cast their LIKES or DISLIKES on YouTube does not mean that there are not PAP supporters out there.

Strong attendance at the oppositions rally, some I heard 70K people attending, does not mean that there are lesser PAP supporters. I do see die hard PAP supporters strongly defending their party.

Some less caliber candidates don't know how to give speech, may go auction-lelong style to promote their team. Although video being brought down, he must feel bad about it too.

Voting is a secret. Make sure you bring a torch light into the polling station, and lid up the lights, you may only find coils of rope, instead of snakes. Believe in what you believe, support those you think will help you and benefit you. So be brave, and vote.

I wanted to vote also cannot. You have the power to vote, please use it wisely. Also, FT is important to this country. So, be nice to them. Loopholes in hiring policies needed to be sealed so that Singaporeans who wish to work can get their jobs. But be mindful, there are lots of people choosing jobs too.

After all, politics is still politics. If whoever wins it, make sure you deliver what you have promise your voters.

If oppositions win bigger than GE 2006, make sure you guys build the foundations and 1st Class of Parliament. And bring benefits to people.

If oppositions win big, please forget about the past. Do not go dig out. The past. Work hand in hand with the other party to bring benefits to Singaporeans and residences.

If PAP win small, don't worry, think about all the steps that leads to the defeats, and rebuild the foundations, and move on, hope to do better in next elections.

If PAP win big, please be kind to all these oppositions, I do think some of them are very capable, use them.

so, it's going to be a long night on May 7. Future, who wins, is hard to see. Let's hope the outcome is in favor of majority of Singaporean, and may the force be with everyone.

(Eh? Wrong election voting slip???)

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