Sunday, January 1, 2012

Amazing Swimsuit for iPhone 4/4S

Date:  Jan 1, 2012

I would like to introduce you to the swimsuit of my iPhone 4S.

YES!  It is a water proof casing for iPhone.  As you can see, that is my iPhone 4S that Jay Jay is holding under the water.  It's very cool!  (Just in case, how do I take this photo?  I will introduce you to the Panasonic Lumix FT3 in another blog entry.  I took this using Jay's new Lumux camera.)


I bought this casing almost 2 months ago from one of the Funan Centre store.  It is from Krusell.


It's called SEaLABox.  Apparently, it can go down to 2M deep.  It protects the iPhone 4 from getting wet.


These are the parts.  And basically, you just sandwich the iPhone between the two silicon casing, and use the blue clip to clip tighten it.


This is how it looks like after you assemble it. (Without the iPhone inside).


It is kind of cool as now your iPhone can go underneath the water.


That means that you can actually read your Facebook, surf internet, etc using this swimsuit by the pool.  You can take pictures.  And actually, you can pick up phone and listen to phone too.  I tried SIRI on it, and I can see that SIRI is responding.


Of course, the coolest usage is to take underwater shot and then straight away upload it to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  :)


I strongly recomment it, if you always use your pool and swim.  It is very cool.  My son enjoys it.


Updates (Jan 2, 2011): Andy feedback that if you need to see more underwater protection, here is a nice website to go to.

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