Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Self-made Learning 字卡

Date:  Jan 4, 2012

Master Jay is 6 now.  He is in K2 already.

So, in order to prepare him for Primary, he no longer can spent the whole night playing Lego, Beyblades, etc.

The time has to be split up to both Playing & Learning.

IMG 2960

Most importantly, he has to still have fun!

Today he has to learn how to read this book.

IMG 2968

Unfortunately, he does not recognize >80% of the chinese words.  Got to find a way to fix this.

IMG 2966

So, the easiest way is to create some 字卡.  And keep these 字卡 handy and slowly make him imprint the words into his mind.  "Photo-Brainwashing"...

IMG 2967

Also, he is in K2, he is going to learn Han Yu Pin Yin this year.  So, mind as well put the Pin Yin behind.  Just in case.  I am surprise that Jay has look at the Pin Yin, and manage to pronounce some of them using his phonics technique.

IMG 2969

After a round of practice.  I asked Jay to separate out those he knows and those he does not know.  So, you know what are the words he needs to learn.  :)

Got to buy more cardboards.

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