Friday, February 17, 2012


Date:  Feb 17, 2012

My last bowling game is probably more than 8-9 years ago while I was with Pacific Internet.  The HR always organized the the bowling game as a yearly team building event.


OK.  I actually found this photo, in a bowling event.  And as verified, the photo is shot on July 23, 2002.  That is how long I have never play bowling before.


Through out my whole life, I don't think I had played bowling more than 10 times.  However, I do spent a lot of quality time to perfect my Wii Bowling game.  Nintendo Wii has a nice simulation bowling game.  And according to my brother in law, who does play bowling often, that the simulation is pretty good.


So, yesterday, I was meeting one of my primary school friend for dinner, and we happened to see this old bowling place @ East Coast Park.  So, we went in and played 5 games.


I do remember that I am not good at bowling.  Most of the time, I scored < 100s.  But yesterday, I lost 4 games and win 1.  And all five games I scored > 100s.

I am very proud of the scores I had yesterday.  And my friend has persuading me to buy a personal bowling ball that tuned to my hand and a pair of bowling shoe.... I don't know, may be I should....  It is a low impact game on my knees.  It is a not so fast and not so slow game too.  So, I don't know... may be I should....

Game #1


Game #2


Game #3


Game #4


Game #5


The next day, my right hand totally lost the strength to grab things.  WOW.

The bowling saga will continue next time....


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