Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kay Kay's Hair Cut - Finally With Smile & No Cry

Date:  Feb 12, 2012

Updates (Feb 14, 2012):  Mode Gallery is running a photo shoot competition I think.  That is why, they asked me and my son to take a photo after the hair cut.  And it is nice for them to sent me the soft copy of the photos and it turned out to be just alright.  Hope we win, and I don't even know what is the price.  HaHaHaHa  Here are the three shots...

Shot #1:  (The best shot)

Image 1.jpg

Shot #2:


Shot #3:

Image 2.jpg

(Just in case you are wondering why Mommy is not in this photos, that is because, Mommy went to different saloon to cut hair!)

=== Original Posting ===

Kay Kay's last hair cut is finally without cry, but a bit of struggle with no smile.

This time, all of us are very happy!  He finally accepted that he has to get a hair cut every month, and learn how to enjoy it!


Of course, Kay Kay still have to sit on PaPa's lap.  And Mommy have to hold on to him too.


Kay Kay is now 2 years and 6 months old.


As he grew more older, he learn how to find it "funny" and tickles... when cutting hair...


Of course, Ice 姐姐 (our stylist) have to cut it very fast.  For ever opportunity she has, she will have to take it and cut it fast.  hahaha


And it is done.  No cry, and with a smile!


And Kay Kay looks like an small army boy.


How do I look?


Ice 姐姐 no longer work in Kimarie @ Suntec.  She has moved to Mode Hair Gallary @ Marina Bay Link Mall.


So, we also follow her to her new studio.  Good thing is, not many people in this mall, and lots of things to eat.  Got Paradise, Ding Tai Feng, etc etc.  And it has lots of car park, unlike Suntec, the car park always full on Sunday because of the church.  So, it is just perfect for us, just after Jay Jay's violin class, it is just 5 min drive to Marina Bay Link Mall.


As for Jay Jay, he always enjoy the hair cut.  And he knows I am taking photo, so, he got so many funny faces for me.  This is the "pig mouth" look.


How about the "open big mouth look"... hahaha


He simply just enjoy the hair wash.


My hair massage is nice.  HaHaHa


See.  Nice and clean.


And now, Ice 姐姐 going to gel my hair.


Let's gel it and hair spray it!


There you go.  All done.


Wow.  This store has lots of iPad2 for the customers to read or watch.  Cool!


As promise... The kids get an ice cream as Kay Kay behaved excellently!


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