Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rainbow - Rebooted

Date:  Feb 11, 2012

5 Years ago - I threw away my Osim Mermaid and I bought a Rainbow e-Series.  5 Years later, a new sales person arranged to do maintenance on my Rainbow as well as giving me a free Dust Mite cleaning.


Rainbow is a very powerful vacuum cleaner.  They do not advertise it on paper.  It is not available in any retail show.  They uses direct sales network to do direct home to home selling.  Our previous sales guy is quite good in selling but the follow up is quite bad.  The new sales person is from Nepal.  And I think he is just fine.


The reason that I threw away my other vacuum cleaner is because of the powerful sucking power from Rainbow.  Below is from a new carpet that we have bought from Ikea just 1 months.  But have not have a chance to do lots of cleaning on it.  So, after a 30 second sucking.  This is the dirts it gathered by putting a black color cloth in the tube.  By seeing this, you are immediately sold of the technology.  Next thing is the investment.


If pay cash/cheque.  You get this free.  A mob that uses the Rainbow.  OK.  Now everytime after I cook steak, my domestic helper will be glad to use this to clean the floor.


The sales man will come at least 2-3 times to teach my domestic helper how to clean, how to use, how to maintain, etc.  I think that is a good service.


So, I end up trade in my old Rainbow for $800 and buy this new Rainbow.


There is always two camps of thought in my mind regarding a good vacuum cleaner.  This Rainbow vacuum cleaner is not an ordinary cleaner.  It is Nasa type of technology.  It really sucks a lot of things up.  Especailly those tedious dust mites that hides in your pillow and bed.  Those in facts are the one that will eventually make you sick.  So for the sake of staying healthy, I strongly recommend this vacuum cleaner.

But on a second thought.  Do you want your kids to live in a almost gemless or bacterialess environment?  Get real.  You can create a good clean environment, but you cannot do anything about whatever that is outside your home.  So, some times the dilema is if the house is too clean, when the kids go to school, hawker centre, or any other places, the kids might also fall sick, because of the environment outside your home is way to dirty.

One need to get sick once a while in order to build your natural anti-bodies to fight off the flu bug, the sinus, and so on.  But get real again!  When you see the doctor, most of the doctor will take the easy path and sell you the antibiotics, which will fight off the illness, but may make your body weaker.

So, it is up to you, based on budget constrain, and based on your decision of whether to make a good clean dustless home.  You will need to make this hard decision to see whether to buy it or not.  Good luck in your decision!




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  2. hihi, i think you are referring to Sudhir, he's an excellent sales person! I'm glad I bought it from him!