Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 开工吉日 - CNY Auspicious Date to Start Work

Date:  Jan 10, 2013


More updates.  Basically mean the same thing.

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Some other source.  Same same.

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I definitely going to start work on Feb 18, 2013.  But I need to start work at 6:30AM.  Wow.  At least two sources confirming that.

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From the same source, this is the ranking of the 5 best days to start work.  Click here.  Or here at

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So, according to this… I can start work on Feb 21 too.  But that will be too long.  There are two good timing to start work on Feb 21.

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[End of Updates]

Here is the auspicious date for starting work in CNY.  It is just a personal believing.  Every year I always follow this, and so far so good.

RED: Good! Auspicious!

BLACK:  Bad!  Unlucky!

BLUE: OK.  Normal.


Screen Shot 2013 01 10 at 8 06 40 PM

Let me see.. I think I will start work on Feb 18, 2013 (Monday).  Not an auspicious day, but not harmful to me (dog) too.  :)

Below is the translation to English:

Feb 10 (初一) Sunday.  Good/Auspicious for everyone except Ox.

Feb 11 (初二) Monday.  Bad day.  Don't start work on this day.

Feb 12 (初三) Tuesday.  Good/Auspicious for everyone except Rabbit.

Feb 13 (初四) Wednesday.  Bad day.  Don't start work on this day.

Feb 14 (初五) Thursday.  Bad day.  Don't start work on this day, go pak-tor, go dating.

Feb 15 (初六) Friday.  Good/Auspicious for everyone except Horse.

Feb 16 (初七) Saturday.  Normal.  Can start work except Goat.

Feb 17 (初八) Sunday.  Normal.  Can start work except Monkey.

Feb 18 (初九) Monday.  Normal.  Can start work except Rooster.

Feb 19 (初十) Tuesday.  Good/Auspicious for everyone except dog.

Feb 20 (初十一) Wednesday.  Normal.  Can start work except Pig.

Feb 21 (初十二) Thursday.  Good/Auspicious for everyone except Rat.

Feb 22 (初十三) Friday.  Normal.  Can start work except Ox.

Feb 23 (初十四) Saturday.  Bad day.  Don't start work on this day.

Feb 24 (初十五) Sunday.  Good/Auspicious for everyone except Rabbit.


  1. this is really cool. Have been searching for it. Do u have one where it goes by zodiac signs?

  2. Hi is it really true that Feb 10 is auspicious to start work? So far, most people only mentioned Feb 12 onwards. Thanks.

  3. I noticed that the last update shows Feb 13 (初四) Wednesday as a Bad day and don't start work on this day. This seems to contradict the other postings where Feb 13th is an auspicious date. May I know the source of the last update and can you explain the contradiction? Thanks

  4. Hi,

    I also found it strange. But that one I got it from a Chinese website thru googling. That is why I found more consistent one and post the updates.