Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pei Tong Primary School (P1)

Date: Jan 4, 2013

The first three days, parents get the privilege to attend some seminars, and especially the last day, you get to sit inside their class and watch how the teacher conduct classes.

Jay Jay is in "Care 3" class.


The class size is 30 pupils.  I remember last time, in Malaysia, every class got 50 pupils.  The student to teacher ratio is 1:30 here.  So, Ms. Van is conducting the English class, and she is going to read a story to the class.

IMG 5778

Today, the school is quite high tech.  since 3 years ago, Pei Tong already using the interactive white board.

IMG 5784

The teacher still teaching, but with the help of her laptop projected things onto the whiteboard.

IMG 5787

Here is the some questions, and Ms. Van asked the teacher to choose what animal makes that kind of sounds...


At the same time, there are these huge text books.  


Then, they sit on their chair do some worksheets.


The water bottles are placed outside the class.


The Chinese teacher.  But sometimes, she uses english word in her communications to the students.  hmmmm… 


But most important thing is Jay is happy.


Happy eating.


Happy playing.


He has good friends looking after each others.


And so far so good, and I think Jay has settled in.



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