Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pacific Internet Reunion Gathering

Date:  Jan 12, 2013

Nicholas Lee was the CEO of Pacific Internet.  He is one of the great leader that we respect very much.  

  Nick: "Ken, let's try to have a gathering before I go back."

  Ken: "Who you want to invite?"

  Nick: "Everyone who is interested to meet me."

  Ken: "OK!"

And there, I launched the WhatsApp and Facebook Chat and invited people I knew who knew Nick.  I may left out a few there and here.  But I am glad that almost 30+ people show up at Hock Koon's place on that day.

IMG 0033

Of course Nick is happy to see every one and get to know what everyone is up to nowadays.

These are the early birds.  

IMG 6066

There are plenty of food.

IMG 6067

I cooked my famous Pen Cai (盆菜).

IMG 6068

More sushi.  Fruit punch, etc.  

IMG 6072

Every one is talking to every one.

IMG 6081

Nick gets to take photos with the girls.  As usual.

IMG 6110

Of course every one will take photos.

IMG 6084

Let's take a photo here.  come come come… Thanks the host!

IMG 6089

This is the finale photo (some people have left early, too bad).  But every one was having lots of liquor, lots of fun.  Lots of memories.

IMG 6101

I can still remember, when we fight very hard for bringing in customers into Pacific Internet, and build the strongest and most stable systems and network up against our rivals - SingNet.  Those were the days where we work so hard every single day to build the business.  The company went to Nasdaq, and expands into 7 countries.  Those were the days where all great visions and dreams come through.  We all were very proud to be trained under Pacific Internet.  We are sad to hear that the "consumer" part of the Pacific Internet is closing down.  It is a great memory deep inside our heart.

Pacific Internet 万岁!

Sorry for those who who miss it because they do not read facebook messages in time.

Sorry for those who is after Nick Lee era.  This gathering is organised specially for Nick.  For people who knew Nick.

Sorry for those who we knew Nick but we have miss you out.  Sorry.

Sorry for those who was sick.  We offer you guys to come and quarantine at the Balcony area, you also don't want to come.  HAHAHAHA LOL.

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