Thursday, June 16, 2011

Health Drink - 1 Glass a Day - 5-Greens + Japan Vinegar

Date:  June 16, 2011

If you really don't like to eat vegetables.  But you wanted to stay healthy and you felt you are a bit heavy.  This is how you can do it.

1.  First, you need a Power Juicer.  Jack LaLanne Power Juicer is the one I bought few years ago.  I think you can still get it from Robinson. You can use any juicer you like, but definitely choose one that can retain as much vitamins from the veggie or fruits skins, and yet give you a smooth silky taste / feeling.


2.  Let's call it a 5-Green Drink.  It consists of

* 1x Green Apple

* 1x Green Pepper

* Few Celery stalks

* 1x Cucumber

* 1x Bitter gord (small)

You can get all these from any Pasar or Supermarket.




3.  Put all these into a the Power Juicer, and then, you shall have a full glass of 5-Green Juice.  I drank this on daily basis during weekdays, unless I am traveling.  This is my anti-hypertension power veggie juice.  It also can help to lose weight and detox too.  This juice is exceptionally good at preventing high blood pressure, cholesterol disorders and constipation.  I have been drinking this for almost 6 years now.  3-5 times a week.


4.  Furthermore, you can buy from Takashimaya from basement store, the Japanese Black or Brown Rice Vinegar.  It is called Sakamoto Kurozu Tenju.  It is fermented and aged for more than 3 years.  (Bottle is golden color).  The aroma and mellow taste is much nicer than the 1 year and 2 years one.  (Trust me on this).  Kurozu means black rice vinegar.


So, what you do, is to put some of this vinegar into your juice.  The effect of Kurozu are in these reports and research papers.

These are some article about vinegar helping to stabilized high blood pressure.



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