Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kay Kay & His Hair Cut

Date:  June 19, 2011

We have no problem with Jay Jay when we sent him for a hair cut as young as when he is 2 years old.  When Ice (name of the hairdresser) cut his hair, he just keep talking talking and playing the hair clips.


For Kay Kay, it needs a little bit more of work...


Ya Ya... Don't look at papa, focus and let 姐姐 cut your hair... hahahahaha


His hairdresser this time has to give him a lot of things in order to cut his hair... So, Kay took her mobile phone, which is a Samsung model, that does not have a "HOME" button to press, so, it takes him 7-8 minutes to figure out how to unlock the keylock, and press the side buttons.  She has to give Kay her watch, and Kay also took Mommy's watch and wear it on his wrist.  Hair clips is another great toys for him.  New Cartoon on the phone can excite him for 2-3 minutes.  And thank goodness that the hairdresser has a quick hand and cut his hair.

Enjoy the home video clips when the boys cutting hair in June @ 2011.



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