Monday, August 27, 2012

2nd Child Questions

Date:  Aug 26, 2012

Never under estimate the questions your 2nd child will ask.  If they do ask, never give a lousy answer.  :)  Think carefully before you answer and make it a memorable answer for your 2nd kid.

IMG 0683

When I do a lot of videos, especially when I always asked Jay Jay to come and see, Kay will always pop up behind and take a look.  He don 't asked me on the spot, but later, he will mentioned to his mother, "Why KoKo got videos and I don't have videos?"

For a moment, you thought that "OK, next time I will do one for Kay Kay…" would be an OK answer for him.  

In my opinion, NO.  What you have to do is simple, bring him to the stage (sofa), turn on the TV, and then let's watch home video together with Kay Kay in it.  I do have also lots of video about Kay Kay too, like the Kay Bicycle, like the Kay Cable Car and so on.    Then show it to him.  He saw it, and he enjoys it, and he then will not ask such silly question again.  ahahhahahaha  This is a questions of "competitions" between the two kids.  So, the young one always seek for "equality".

The point is, when you thought of doing video, or doing anything, don't forget that you have 2 kids, so, you have to give equal air time for both the kids.  Means, you also prepare a solo home video with lots of his airtime in there.

So for this home video example, even if the young one never ask for it, you also do some home video so that they can watch and remember. 

IMG 0687

When the kids is 3 years old, their thinking level is advanced another steps.  So, you will need to think before hand how you want to react to his possible questions, etc.  He has to be felt equal at home.  When he is 3 years old, he is no longer a baby, all your answers must always think about whether he will accept it or can he understand it.

Just like today, even I did not wear my swimming trunks, I also jump into the pool and play with him, spent some good quality time with him.  He loves it. This is only daddy and him in the pool.  

IMG 0694

Just like his new hobby, drawings… let him had the chance to make his own decisions to attend a class he likes.  He sees his Ko Ko attending so many classes, so, he also want to attend one.

IMG 0643

Just like the bicycle that he felt so proud of.  Also gives a lot of attention to him.

IMG 2951

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