Thursday, August 23, 2012

手痒 and I bought this for myself

Date:  Aug 23, 2012

That day I was at Vivocity.

I decided to walked into Best Denki.  Surprisingly, there is no more selling of gaming console.

So, I walked into the Challenger, again, Surprisingly, there is no more selling of handheld gaming console.

That leads me to do a quick web search and the only store that sell handheld gaming console is on third floor.

So, I went… and I bought this.  I owned a nintendo Gameboy Advanced before.  I also owned two versions of PSP.  And of course, now, most of the gaming was done on the iPhone and iPad.  But there is something missing on the iOS devices that you miss.  It is the game pad.  The hard solid game pad that you can use your finger to press press press.

I was looking at 3DS a few weeks ago.  But I also notice that there is a new version coming out soon, so I wait.  And today, I got it.

IMG 0589

Very chio, the colour.  Red hot red!

IMG 0597

The feeling holding it is good.  And the 3D games are awesome.  But because of the weight, let's rest your arms on the table and play.  :)

IMG 0600

I only bought two games this time.  Very unlike me, but I decided to finish one game then buy another.  I got myself a Zelda, and gave Jay Jay the Mario Kart.  The 3DS-XL actually was configured with Mr. Jay Liew's name.  HaHaHaHa… Soon or later, he will ask for it (in primary school).  So, let's buy one for him and let him get familiar with it first.  At the same time, I also can play.  But discipline must be taught and be in place.  Just like how we teach both Jay and Kay to handle iPhone and iPad like that.  Get them familiar with it, only use it for viewing family photos, videos, and cartoons as well as some games.  Not more than 2 hours a week or 2 weeks.  At first, they are pretty stick to it, once they are familiar with it, they got used to it, only ask for it when it gets really boring.  hahahahaha 

IMG 0598

It comes with two touch screens.  Got a stylus too.  The 3D can be turned on and off.  But the Wi-Fi is still 802.11a/b/g.  OK.  That means, I cannot use it at home, as all my Apple AirPorts are configure not to accept anything lesser than 802.11n.  The reason being, if there is one slow wifi machine, the whole wifi network will compensate and drop to slower speed, which I don't want.  But I guess I can open up my wife's SingTel Broadband WiFi Access point for 802.11a/b/g.  HaHaHaHa  Let's do that later.  hahaha

It comes with a 3D camera.   The feeling in the hand is OK.  

And I love this web site.  I am reading it whenever I got stucked!

Here is some news regarding the Nintendo 3DS XL.  

YouTube Video


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