Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Apple Airport Single SSID Wifi Zone

Date:  Aug 7, 2012

I know I know I am late, but it's better than nothing...

I used to have 3x SSID at home, i.e.  Mouse3, Mouse6, Mouse9, etc.  So, when i walk into my bed room, I will need to switch my IOS devices to another SSID in order to get the strongest signal.  

I bought another 2 AirPort WiFi APs… So, all together, I have 4 of them running at my place.  I put one at the server cabinet, one at the living room, another one in my study room and the last one in my bed room.

Screen Shot 2012 08 07 at 1 15 15 PM

All the while, if I mix and match other access points, when I go into the bed room, somehow, it still hang on to the access point in the study room, and the signal becomes very weak.  I need to manually switch it to the bed room one to ensure I have "high speed" going into my IOS devises such as iPhone or iPads and Apple TV.

And when I walk into the Study Room, my iPhone change to connect the Airport in the study room.  When I walk into the bed room, it actually switch to the Bed Room's Airport.  I am guessing that the 4x AirPort all work together to serve the iPhone, there should be checks on who is the strongest AP and it will automatically switch to that strong AP.  I never run single SSID before, so, this is new to me.  So, I am very happy about this!

Screen Shot 2012 08 07 at 1 28 01 PM


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