Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gadget: FluCard

Date:  Aug 9, 2012

I have a new gadget this week.  We are know who is "Trek", Trek holds the patent for thumb drive.  They have come up with a new product call, the Flu Card.  

IMG 0050

Well, they are not the first one to come out with wireless SD card.  There was EyeFi product last time.

So, what does it do again?

Very simple.  You put the Flu Card in your camera, thru wireless, it can send the photos directly to your IOS devices (using Apps) or another camera using another Flu Card.  Or it can simply upload to the Server, such as FTP server or the Flu Card Portal. 

IMG 0051

It looks just like a normal SD Card.  Except that it has a capability to run WiFi to connect to another WiFi device which is less than 7 meter away.  And, it actually will beep.  (not really sure is the SD card making the camera beep, or the card itself has a small little on board beeper?  It beeps.)

IMG 0052

Just like an SD card, you put this into your camera.  Be it a point and shoot camera, or a DSLR camera.  The SD card is a class 6 SD card, so it is reasonably fast.

IMG 0053

For me, I downloaded the Flu Card Apps.  The Apps actually cost money, i.e. US$2.99 per App.  So, download the one that you really need.  Or, you can just use your iPhone Safari to access

The app I used the most is Flucard Setup, and Flucard DL (download).  There rest, i.e. Facebook, or Shoot and View, are quite crappy.  In fact, most of the app are crappy.  But I believe they will make it better given the time.

IMG 0056

Next thing to do, is to connect to the Flu Card wireless.  I did not bother to change the SSID, I just use the one it set to default.

IMG 0055

And you are set to go.  This is the FluCard Setup program.  Here, you can setup the SSID, etc.

IMG 0057

The App that I used the most is FluCard DL.  After you take the photo, then, you go to the PLAY (play photo display mode) and it will invoke the Wireless of the Flu Card.  Then, you use your iPhone to connect to this WiFi SSID.  And then launch the FluCard DL, all your photo on the SD card will be display.  Select them, and press the yellow DOWN ARROW at the top right corner.

IMG 0060

And your photo will be downloaded onto the Camera Roll.  

IMG 0058

You can then use your Instagram, Facebook app to access to this photo you taken with your camera which is just transferred to your iPhone.

IMG 0061

In my case, I set it to transfer using RAW mode.  So, the entire photo will be transferred over to my iPhone or iPad.

IMG 0059

Occasionally, I will use the Shoot & View App too.  But that app is too slow to transfer the RAW picture.

IMG 0063

Now, it is a great thing to have!  Because you can now upload and share your photo which you taken with your DSLR and Point and Shoot camera.  But every good feature must have some downside, or disadvantages.  Here is what I think!

1.  Battery.  It will drain your battery life like no body business.  So, make sure you only turn on the Wifi when needed.  

IMG 0064

2.  You need to buy the Apps.  And the Apps is not really user friendly or nice.  Actually may not worth the money.  

3.  Your camera LCD may go into sleep mode, and that will cut off the Wifi Signal.  So, make sure you don't transfer too many photos.  Only those you want to upload to your phone.

It is a fun thing to have if you can tolerate all these downsides.



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