Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kay Kay the Painter

Date: Aug 25, 2012
While Jay Jay is taking his Chinese Class at Berries @ ARC, we brought Kay Kay to the Art Boot Camp just beside.

We saw from the intro class that the teachers actually uses a real canvas to draw and paint. We figure Kay Kay may like it.

So we enroll him into the trial class. So we can see he is very focus "playing" and drawing. Especially when the hair dryer is out... He got very excited.
1 hour 15min later. He came out with this art work.

Although it is just a beginning, we can tell he got some talent in there. So we asked him if he would like to take this art class? And he says YES. The timing was just nice.

Well done Kay!

When we drive home, he keeps holding his painting.

And he explaining how he draws.

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