Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Amazing Fun Reading iBook

Date: Aug 3, 2011

The more I read the iBook, the more I am amazed.

I can highlight the sentence, paragraph that I found interesting. You can select different color.

My problem is my English vocal is really limited. But with iBook, I can highlight the word and search the dictionary.


If I highlighted a paragraph, and would like to note down my thoughts at that time, you can do so too...


And of course, where you left off, you can put a bookmark. And it all will be stored in the cloud (if you have a account)...


And amazingly, if sometimes, you forgot your iPad, you can read the same book (you need to sync or download the book on iPhone) and all bookmarks, highlights, notes will be synced as well...



I think reading book has really changed. But of course, there will be people still like the hard copies, no doubt. But for convenience, and space saving, and bring to any where you go, etc... EBook is the way to go.


I got a feeling that I am going to purchased more books from iBook store in near future. The books is not really cheap, but most of the time, is cheaper than the one sold in bookstores (not second hand)...

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