Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cook with Ken: Its Chow Fan & Clams Shells Night

Date: Aug 7, 2011

It's a nice day, and we went on routine to buy our groceries.  Wait a minute.... why everybody keep forgeting that we are going on vacation starting from Wednesday to Cameron Highlands?  HaHa... we end up buying full week of groceries....


So, tonight, we have to cook more dishes as our domestic helper not going to help us to cook all those veggies and meat we bought... hahaha

Dish #1:  Siu-Bak (Roasted Pork) Fried Rice


1.  Garlics

2.  Small Bok Choy

3.  Eggs

4.  Braised Pig Trotter

5.  Some fish balls

6.  Dried Shrimps (Soaked in water hoter)

7.  Oyster or Abalone sauce.

8.  Pepper.  (White pepper, use the Sarawak one)

9.  Soya sauces.

10.  Red Yeast sauces (some new sauce I like where I bought it from Fireflies Farm in Lim Chu Kang).



Everybody should know how to fried it.  Hot the pan, fried the onions, after it turns golden, put in the chopped dried shrimps, the braised pig trotter, then, fried 2x eggs in the middle, put in the fish balls, and then fried it for some time, and then put int he rice to fried.



Dish #2:  Kam-Hiong Shells (Basil Leaves Chili Shells)


1.  Live Rainbow Shell - I bought mine from NTUC @ Jurong Point

2.  Basil Leaves (I just plug a bunch of it from my spice garden I planted in the balcony.

3.  Curry Powder (OK, I got mine from a restaurant in Kebun Teh Garden in JB.  There is this restaurant cook very nice Fish Head Curry, and I bought their curry powder, with some curry leaves in the bottle)

4.  Green Onions, Pasleys... Just take some (not whole packet)

5.  Lemon Grass (1 stalk)

6.  Onions and garlics (Chopped and dice)

7.  Dried chilli (do not chopped if you don't want it to be too spicy.  You can also use Chili Padi..)

8.  Dried Shrimps (soaked in hot water), dice it.

9.  Pepper, Abalone or Oyster sauces, and my special Red Yeast thick sauce (where I bought it from Fireflies Organic farm @ Lim Chu Kang).





1.  First, when you get the live shells, you will need to "wake" them.  Just soak them in a pot of water, and put some salt in it.  I used some teaspoon of sea salt.  You have to do it for at least 1-2 hours.  This is where your rainbow shell going to "Pui" the sands out.

But I think I might have killed my shell when I did that.  Because I think Rainbow Shell is a clear water (not salty) shell.  I think.  hahaha  Because after I soaked it, every shell open their shell.  hahaha...


But they did threw out the sands... Lots of sands... see below..


2.  Heat the wok.  Put in some oil.  Put Onion and Garlics in.  Fried until golden.  Put in dried shrimps, fried it.

3.  Put in curry powder, lemon grass, dried chili, basil leaves, green onions and pasleys.  Fried it.

4.  Put in shells, fried it, and put in the red yeast thick sauce, abalone sauce, etc.


5.  Fried it, put some water in it (not too much, but enough to become sauce) and then cover it to steam it for 1-2 minutes.


This is the first time I cooked this dish.  I knew I need to cook the clam and shells tonight, so I went to google it and tried to see what is the ingredients I need...

And it happened to be the very delicious dish of the day.  Most delicious and it goes very well with my red.


Dish #3:  White Wine Garlic Butter Clams


1.  Live Venus Clams (you can get it from NTUC @ Jurong Point)

2.  Garlics (lots of it) dice it

3.  Basil leaves or Lime Leaves

4.  Lemon (half of it), take and squeeze the juice, and dice the skins...

5.  Butter (about 1 quarter of it)

6.  Cheap White Wine




1.  Heat the pan with Olive Oil, when it is just boiled, put in garlica and fried the garlics to golden color.

2.  Put in the butter, lemon skins, and the lempon juice.

3.  Put in the Clams.  Fried it for a while.

4.  Quickly put in the white wine and basils.  Fried a while.  (Depends on how much sauce you want).


5.  Bring it to boil, and then cover it to steam it for 2-3 minutes.

Done.  This is also a nice garlic butter taste of clams.


Goes very well with the red wine we had today too.

OK.. What do you do with the shells after you ate it?  This is a great toys for your kid.  So my son, Jay volunteer to wash it!


I must say, he did a great job!


Nice and Clean now!

Final Notes:  I blog "Cook with Ken" so that I can encourage some of my friends to pick up who seldom cook to pick up the wok or pans and start cooking for your kids.  My son, Jay has earlier on asked me to cook friend rice, therefore, I simply look at what I had in the fridge and be creative to cook it.  Most of the time, the ingredients of my dishs may change, but the cooking methods is still the same.  Once you are confident with what you cook, you can create a lot of dish from the fly.  :)  加油吧!




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