Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fantastic Photographer

Date: Aug 11, 2011
Tag: Visit Malaysia, Visit Cameron Highlands

Meet the fantastic photographer. A gardener who came from Bangladesh and has been working here for 10 years.

After we visited BOH Sungai Palas Tea Plantation, at the midway there is a junction leads to Highlands Straberries which is 1.8KM away. It was a tough inclined road, especially the 90 degrees turning into the car park. The road was so narrow.

Jay wanted to pick strawberries, and here we came to this strawberries park on top of the tea plantations.

The guy on the left welcome come us and introduced himself as the Camera Man. A guy who has special ability in taking photos? But after we seen his work, we were like jaw drop and speechless... See for yourself.

He used one hand to hold the strawberry and the other hand firmly hold the camera, and guided us how we should place our hands and fingers... Look at my big strawberry.

Look! Me and my wife each has one huge strawberry.

Look mommy, I picked up a big one...

Aiya... Our strawberry is loosen....

Jay! Don't throw the strawberry.

Grandpa and grandma also got one...

Ah ma and ah gong, got two in their hands.

So sweet.

This is the place. New place.

Jay loves to pick strawberries.

Not too bad. 1KG for RM35.

Here got another...

Even Kay Kay also have one.

A lots of veggies...

Look at the tomatoes.

A lot of radish too.

There are some animals such as chicken, duck, goose, rabbits, etc.

I am guessing this place quite rare getting visitors because it is situated at very high hills. We are glad to be there and met with the most talented photographers from Bangladesh. Indeed.

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Location:Kampung Kepayang,Malaysia

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