Thursday, August 11, 2011

Suspended Tea House

Date: Aug 11, 2011
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From far, it looks like a suspended tea house.

After we visited the Butterfly Garden, we are on our way to BOH Tea Centre @ Sungai Palas

At the midway there is this big rock that you need to stop and take photos. Look at the blue sky and green tea plants.

Welcome to the BOH tea plantation.

Jay sit on a smaller rock.

Papa also take a photo with the blue sky and tea plants.

Mommy also had a photo.

It's a nice place to take photos.

Finally we are here.

Oh... That tea place is so cool. We gotta have tea there...

Since when they build this tea house?

The fresh tea leaves...

The tea plantations workers stay there. They even have a school there.

It looks very cosy inside.

We sit outdoor, and overlooking the plantations...

Mommy is certainly happy with her BOH Cameronian Gold Blend.

See. She is definitely happy.

Overlooking the great plantations..

I like the way how they design the woods..


Is that Jay Jay?

Or Kay Kay?

A tour on how tea was made...

I plucked some fresh tea leaves for a friend...

Let's see once again the magnificent view...

So unreal...

I strongly recommend this place. There are a few tea plantation, but I think this is the best so far I came across.

One more tip: Go to Cameron Highlands during weekdays! You have less visitors, less cars, less jam, and you will get most of the fun!

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Location:Kampung Kepayang,Malaysia

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