Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cook with Ken: Basil Chicken & Beef Veggies

Date:  Aug 09, 2011

Happy Birthday Singapore!  Jay Jay waked up with the face painting.


A bit lazy to go out.  So, let's cook at home.

Dish #1:  Basil Chicken

1.  Basils.  九层塔.  Plug a bowl of leave.

2.  Dried shrimps.  Soak in water, and then later dice it.

3.  Onions & Garlics.

4.  Half chicken.  Cut into pieces.  Marinated it with soya sauces, abalone sause.  For me, I used my special Red Yeast thick sauce and the Red Yeast sauce.

5.  I used some "Sijimi" (A small dried baby clams, only found in Hokkaido).  Make the gravy sweet.

6.  Prepare a bowl, put in some flour, water, mix it and some abalone sauce.  This is for thickening the gravy purpose later.




A.  Heat the wok.

B.  Put in Oil when wok is heated.

C.  Fried onions and garlic.

D.  Fried dried shrimps and dried Sijimi.

E.  Put chicken in and stir fried.  Then, put in the basil leaves.

F.  Add water to half of chicken.  Bring to boil.

G.  Small fire, cover the wok, and steam cook it.

H.  Once Chicken turned white, stir fry some more, and then, use a tea spoon to put in the starch.  Until the gravy sauce is thickening.

I.  Serve it.  The dish although is chicken stocks, but the sauce is seafood based.  :)



Dish #2:  Fried Beef Veggies.

This dish should be a 2-3 minutes dish.  Yes!  2-3 minutes.  Also, this is the dish that you do have use a any tools to cook.  hahaha  Yeap, no spatula at all.


1.  Onions

2.  Marinate some beef slices with pepper, soya sauce, abalone sauce.

3.  Small bok choy.  Cut off the root part.

4.  Prepare a bowl of starch = water + flour + abalone sauce.


5.  A wok with cover.

A.  Heat the wok.  Put oil.

B.  Put onion to fry and bring to golden color.

C.  Put in beef.

D.  Cover the wok with its cover, and throw the wok.


Action of throwing a wok is like this above but with a cover on.  No spatula.

E.  Put in Veggies after 20-30 seconds of throwing the beef.  And throw again.

F.  The aim is to mix the veggie and beef and garlic with oil.  Throw another 20-30 seconds.

G.  Open the cover, put in the starch with abalone sauce.  Swirl it until the sauce thickening and cover all veggie.  You may use a spatula here, if you want to.


H.  Serve it.  You see, you do not use a spatula to cook this dish, simply throw the wok with the cover on.  Its fun.  And your kids should love it when they see you throw the wok like that.  ahhaha like a big daddy chef.


As for the last dish, we bought some Siu-Bak.  so, heat a pan.  And then, put the Siu Bak in, use small fire.  Cover the pan.  Heat it for 3-5 minutes, you see a nice lard coming out from the roast pork.  And then serve it that way.


That is a quick few dishes for the National Day afternoon.

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