Friday, September 9, 2011

Jay Jay the Clay Maker

Date:  Sep 9, 2011

If you remember Jay Jay making his clay production at (August 6, 2011) ...


This is the before clay creation before the firing ...


And today, mommy went to picked up his ready product.  Wow, after firing, not bad at all.


Teacher Mr. Chew says Jay Jay is creative for his age.


Mel Mel died.  So, Jay Jay make a statue of Mel Mel.


Wow.  Nice cat.


Always expose your kids to new things.  Observe whether they like it or not?  If they like it, expose more.  Bring them to see and feel the arts.  If they don't like it.  Try something else.

It is not normal to make something out from your mind.  So, look at the creation of Mel Mel.  It does has a shape of a cat, with a happy face.  That is how my kid remember Mel Mel.

I don't know what is the first one, where does that come about.  Looks like a tree monster.  :)

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