Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kay's Cut Hair Diary - 剪发日志 Sep 2011

Date: Sep 18, 2011

Today, it is our hair cut day.  It is very lucky that Kimarie is just finished their rennovation, and our hairdresser - Ice is going to Kabri Thailand to celebrate her birthday.  So, it is a good day to cut our hair.

This is Jay & Kay's before haircut long hair...


And as usual, Jay Jay loves to cut hair and wash hair.  So, he goes first.  This is his finishing look.  Not too bad.


As for Kay.  We have do more work.  We set up a iPad in front of him, playing his favorite show - Pokoyo & Thomas the train.


And we let him sit on Mommy's lap and have his hair cut.  Ice is fast & quick, and have to take every single opportunity to cut little Kay's hair.


As you can see, he still scare of the itchy feeling of the hair dropping onto his neck.  Keep moving here and there.


Finally, it is done.  I think this is the first time, he has his "complete" hair cut.


Not too bad at all.


And Kay is now looking even more handsome.


A great success.  Not bad for a 2 years old.


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