Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Garden - Update (1)

Date:  Sep 25, 2011

You can plant almost anything at your home garden.  We had this small garden at the balcony.  We planted a lot of spices, flowers, etc.

It is possible to grow the Padi (Rice) at your home.  See, this is Padi.  And it will grow to a stage where, it will stop the water in take, so that the "rice" will become dry, and hard and in golden color.  And after you peel of the skin, you will see the white rice inside.


Compare to the real Padi at the Padi field, looks the same.


Next, is our egg plant tree.  Yes, you can grow the egg plant in your balcony.  Our egg plant tree has grown big.  Not sure how it will taste, but I am sure it will be good as it is organic.


Usually, we bought the seeds from Lim Chu Kang, during our visit to the farms, etc.  They will sell the seeds there.  You can also go to the Far East Flora to buy these seeds.  Next thing is to plant them, and give tender loving care.  So, Jay Jay is the one watering the plant.

Jay the farmer planted his next plant.  It is a葫芦 (not sure what it is called in English).  It is a more complex project and hopefully it will grow into this as shown below.  :)  Stay tune!


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