Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wine Class Graduation Dinner

Date: Sep 20, 2011

It is an unforgetable night.


Today, we are gathered here because Singapore Poly wanted to congradulate us for passing our 30 hours class, i.e. "The Business, Science & Art of Wine".  And hey, not to bet, I got a Merit certificate (not sure what does it mean though...).


We have the dinner at the Seafood International @ Big Splash there.  The food is not too bad.  The lamb is very good, and we had lots of good wine to pair with it.  The Peking Duck was nice, and the Thai Curry Cod Fish is nice too.


Also, you got to see the wine tonight...  This is the Caballo Loco, Number 8.  This is the Chilean wine that the wine maker keep secret on what they blend the wine with.  So, it is a multi blended enjoyment.  This wine actually goes well with the lamb.


We then had the Chianti Rufina, which is very good.  We do not have anything to pair with, but it was a pleasent drinking this wine.


This Chateau La Tour Carnet, Grand Cru Classe Haut Medoc 2006 was on sales for $65+ @ Carrefour.  So, I bought a bottle and it goes very well with the lamb.


As for the dessert, Patrick brought a bottle of Port.  And it goes well with the Kueh Kueh.  It becomes a bit acidic when you taste it will the mango sago though.


Can't remember what I take ... But I don't have any memory about this wine.  Very unique indeed.


Such a good environment at the "Elite" table, how can we don't "Ta" or "Yum Seng" our wine.


We had a great time, especially with the only 2 distinction (i.e. Wallace & Celine) and the best taster (Patrick).  I am proud to be in their team.  :)


Lots of wine tonight.  I think we counted about 15 bottles of wine with 2 table of people, I think only 16 of us.  So, we drank a lot today.


Our young and handsome Doctor, Roland, played with the two wine bottles.


Very tasty Moscato, sweet and nice.  It goes OK with the Roasted Duck too.


This Xanadu is also not too bad.


Yum Seng!


Wow... so cheapor.  At first we do not know what wine is this?  i.e. Coastal White.  Next we found out that they actually reuse the 2008 label and stick a new vintage sticker on it.


Most importantly, we got great company.


good company makes us all happy.


By the time we about to finish, it is almost 11:30pm.  Wow, that is a bit late.


I am very happy with what I have learned from the course.  And I am not that easily be conned by people at the wine fair now.  And I do really learn a lot.

The wine class is now at the 23th in take.  so, next week, they will go on with the 24th in take.  And for 4 years non-stop, Malcom and Karen and gang has been teaching us how to appreciate and understand wine.  And we all are greatful with them.



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