Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fuchow Man Bottled the Fuchow Red Wine

On Nov 17, the Fuchow Man makes his Fuchow red wine...

Today, after 50 days, its time to bottle the Fuchow Red Wine...


First, you need empty bottles.  Using those D.O.M bottle is the best, if you do not have it, you can use those Martell VSOP or even wine bottles with screw cap.


Find a cloth (those diapers cloth), and place it over a measuring container.  Then, slowly pour the red wine with the residues into the container.


Of course, if you have shaky hands, you can always ask your wife to help out...  Don't be shy!


That is how it looks like... when you pour into the container...


See... this is the measuring container... big enough to squeeze the red wine into it...


Next, slowly wrap the cloth and start squeezing the red wine out...


Don't squeeze every bits of juice out of it, you still needs to leave some behind in the residue which you can keep to cook tasty Ang-Chor Bak.


Look, easy.... right?


Then, you slowly put the residues into another container for keeping.  This must goes into the refrigerator later.


Then, you slowly pour the red wine into the D.O.M bottle.  Piece of cake.  Oh, my mom happens to be around when I do this.  And she gets the chance to taste it, and she says nice and juicy and sweet.


For 5KG of glutinous rice, you can make roughly two containers box of Red Wine residues (Ang Chor).


And you can make roughly about 3 1/2 bottle of red wine to cook your FuChow Red Wine Chicken.  Not to bad.  So, I am going to give a bottle to James and Jasmine.  Too bad, my padawan James has spoiled their first attempt for making Fuchow Red Wine.  Don't worry, he can remake the wine again and again until he is skilled at it.  I think he should set this as one of his New Year 2011 resolution.


Happy New Year 2011.  Tonight, when I come back (Jan 1, 2011), I will make another 5KG of Fuchow red wine.


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