Thursday, January 13, 2011

Opening Bank Account in Malaysia

Its been a long while I open a bank account in Malaysia.  I actually went into JB and open an account today.  Here is my experience.   Thought of sharing it ...

1.  When I enter the bank, the reception informed me that their computer systems is down, and is unable to open any new account.

2.  So, I said, where is the nearest branch, then I go there and open new account.  She said, "no, the whole country computer systems is down".

3.  I asked, since when the system is down?  She said, 1.5 hour ago.  My thoughts are, that is so serious.

4.  So, I fill in the forms and went for lunch.  45 minutes came back and the system is just back online.  So, its a 2 hours nationwide downtime.  Cool.

5.  I got queue number 4 to open account.  There are 5 person downstairs.  And only 1 person able to process new account.  And she served Queue #1 for at least 30 minutes.  Then, she called for #2 and #3, unfortunately, they are run out of patient and gone already.


6.  So, its my turn finally.  I am not sure what will Queue #9 do... behind me... wait for 1-2 hours?  hahaha

7.  I sat down and I notice the computer screen.  Its a very familiar Windows operating systems screen.  wait a minute, it looks like a Windows 3.1 type of windows interface.  What?  It is definitely not XP type of computer.

8.  Wow.  The IC smart chip actually stored the finger prints as well as some info.  And after you scanned your finger print, the Windows 3.1 lookalike screen pop up "Authenticated" message.  And a print button prints out all our bio info (stored on the Malaysian IC card) onto the application form.  I guess that is advanced.  But isn't there some private info on the IC that shouldn't be printed?  hmmm... I guess is fine.

9.  The interface and the data base really looks very primitive.

10.  Then, she program and gave me my ATM card.  There you go.  Your password is 123456.  Please go to the ATM machine to change password.  OK.  I will do that later.  I look behind and see if there are people overhead what is my password.

11.   Then, she program and gave my mom her ATM card.  There you go.  Your password is 123456.  Please change the PIN at the ATM machine.  Hmmm... why can't there just install a machine for you to change it right away?  So inconvenient.  And why they have to make the password so easy to remember?

12.  What about my Internet banking account.  OK.  Done.  She said.  Your userID is the bank ATM card number, and then you key in the password 123456.  Again, it seems like all ATM cards, Internet account are using the great 123456 as the default password.  What is this?  Security???

13.  Then, she collect RM10 for stamp duty, and ask me how much I want to deposit.  So I said RM500.  OK.  I gave her the money, i.e. RM510.  She collected the RM10 for the stamp duty, and said, sir, you need to go there and take a queue number and then go upstairs the counters. WHAT???  Why can't I do this at the same place?

14.  So, we went up and there are 10 people in front of us, and we just want for our turn to bank in the money.

15.  At home, when I get back, and login to change the password, then, it strike me... where is the security token?  I guess they do not have that...

So, as you can see... I am not that please with the service.  Especially when you talk about opening a new account, it is like customer acquisition, etc.  But this bank really is something... take all the sweet time to open the new account.

Learn new things every day.  Do lower your expectation when you go open a new bank account in Malaysia.  I think Singapore is much safer. hahaha




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