Monday, January 3, 2011

Jay & Violin Class - Day#1

So far so good.  What a relief!


This is teacher Leong.  He will be Jay's teacher in violin class.  It will be a 1/2 hour class every Sunday 11:45am @ Textile Center.


OK.  I don't recall Jay has been taught by any male teacher before in school.  This will be a first.  Jay usually likes "pretty" teacher such as Jia-LaoShi, Ms. Has, Ms. Sabrina, and so on.  So, let's cross our fingers to see how he responded to male teacher.  Again, so far so good.  I guess this is a "good looking" teacher, so Jay likes him.


And take a look, he is holding the bow and violin and start to pull some strings...


I have not seen Jay Jay being focus in learning anything before.  so, I stand behind the door and heard all the conversations and saw every moment during the lessons.  I think this is for real, and some how, Jay Jay was putting a lot of focus in learning violin.  This is a very good sign.  Same focus we saw in swimming class.

Here is the video clip where he learn how to play the G and A string... quite cool.

Oh ya... only after you sent your kid to music school, then you get the chance to take photos such as these below... hahaha



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