Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jay Jay & Birthday Cakes Candles

This is how to make your kid happy!  Make him blow candles for your friends' birthday.

its like having birthday every single month, or week or days...


We bought a small cake and ask Auntie Amanda to come, and she didn't know that we have place 35 candles on it.  That is a lot of candles.


A week later, we bought another cake for Uncle Terrence... and it is his birthday this time...  And again, we need to lid up 37 candles... There is enough candles for Jay Jay to blow...


However, mummy did not do a great job, as when she pull Jay Jay to out from the Tang's family photo sessions, Jay Jay cries.


But not to worry, Jay Jay gets to blow most of the candles after the birthday song.

Always try to find ways to make your kid remember his childhood.  I am very sure Jay will go to school and tell all his buddies that he has help blow the candles of his uncles and aunties.

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