Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Kay & Full Day Playgroup

Well, it is not an easy decision, but let's do it and see how it turns out... Baby Kay finally got a confirmed placement at the playgroup

Screen shot 2011-01-27 at AM 09.04.29.png

Another month, our baby Kay will be 18 months old, and he is eligible to enter the playgroup @ Lorna Whiston Preschool.  Now, the question is, should we place him in half day class or a full day class?


When Jay Jay was 18 months old, we placed him in the half day playgroup class.  So, in the morning, he gets the chance to watch TV - his favorites Playhouse Disney at home... I am sure that he learns quite a fair bit from these educational cartoons....

playhouse disney.jpg

So, if we placed baby Kay in Full Day playgroup class, then, he will lose to chance to watch TV every day.  So, will that make any different at all?  Of course, he still get to watch it during weekends, but will that be enough?  Let's wait and see.

A full day class also means that the teachers gets more time guiding the kids and baby Kay definitely will make a lot of friends there, especially where the big Ko-Ko Jay Jay is just around the corner.  I am sure Jay Jay will be very proud to tell every one else that his brother where about...

But it also means that the kids will have lesser chance to be educated under a third influences which is the from domestics helper.   So, I guess that is good too, so that you now have either the teachers in school or parents at home teaching the kids.  Which I think a lot of people has forgotten about that influences.  It will also makes the kids more independent too.

Oh Well, let's see how it goes when March 1 come.  And lets see how our little prince take that level of changes and hope he can quickly adapt to it.




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