Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Day At the Fire Station

It was a saturday and Lorna Whiston Pre-school has arranged a field trip to visit a fire station.  The fire station is just outside Jalan Lempeng, where we stay.  Jay was excited, and we brought along baby Kay as well.


It was an education trip where the children learn about fire trucks and firemen.  What's their job and how they did it.


They also get a chance to play with the water and the pipes...


But the most important moment is to spent the day with his friends at the fire station.


The field trip is not only for Jay Jay, but it is for the parents like us too.  We get to learn a few things too.


Jay Jay gets to sit in the bucket truck too.  And he went up high in the sky and saw our Park West Condo, where we live.  All the kids love to go into the bucket truck.


Me and kids are having lots of fun!


I think Kay Kay also have lots of fun!


You can see how Jay Jay smile and smile... lots of memories has been generated...


No wonder why Jay Jay keep smiling.. because Shu Wei was calling...


And Jay Jay was even happier when Shu Wei came ...


It is important to let your kid to own something that he thinks is important and proud.  At this age, we let Jay Jay own a camera.  A very old Olympus camera that can go under water and have very tough casing.  And guess what he do with it?  Sometimes he bring it to school and take photos.... And for today, he took photo of Shu Wei... and she gladly post for him...


All the children were running around, taking photos, and have so much fun!


No doubt, it was a fun day to spent with the kids, the kids parents ...

Jay was happy.  It was his second trip to fire station.  I brought him to the Central Fire Station @ Hill Street 2 years ago, and they always have open house on every Saturday.  The Clementi station is open specially for school arrangement.  So, Jay has seen most of the stuff but he will remember even more after this trip.


Videos are available at http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=496902183283&comments

Photos are available at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=266102&id=673183283

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