Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jay Jay on Diet!

Dr. Belinda has given a very strict order! Jay Jay is over weight! And he has to cut down his in take.

During the week the mommy went to US, father and son has decided to put up a challenge!

Jay Jay and Papa has to reduce 1KG by the end of the week!

So we keep track of our weight every morning and night. Here is the rule: 1. Eat healthy - less carbo - more meat more veggies. 2. If given two nuggets only eat one. 吃七分饱! 3. Don't fill up stomach. 4. Don't drive to Clementi Central. Walk. And the reward is 1. If drop by 1KG (count only the absolute number) earn 1 toy. 2. Drop 2KG - 5 toys 3. Drop 3KG - 10 toys

So, there is a lot of incentives here. And I am very impress that Jay managed to get 3 toys out from me.

And at the end of the week, he learn about how to not eat so much and so full. It's fun. Yes, he got all kind of excuses for being tired walking to Clementi but, no choice, the 40min walk really helps to burn those extra fats! Haha


And he is really tired after the walk. But He got a good sleep!


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