Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Kay First Official Hair Cut (Not by Mommy)

It was Sunday, all the boys' hair are long, including mine.


Look at Jay's hair, long like Some-Seng-Kia like that... So we went back to Kimarie Saloon at Suntec City Mall.


So, both myself and Jay Jay sit on the chair and let baby Kay to observe.


You know Jay is enjoying the hair cut by the cute Jie-Jie there... and baby Kay is watching behind, observing everything.

Mommy:  Look Kay Kay, KoKo, PaPa are cutting hair, let's cut hair.


So, Mommy also sit down, and the hair styler quickly bring out her tools and within 5min, with help from Mommy, Kay Kay has his first hair cut.  And he started to grumble.  But is a nice hair cut!


Look at him, the hair cut looks much better.


It is definitely much better than the first few times mommy cutting his hair.


Jay Jay's hair cut is not that bad too?  So as mine!  We will visit Kimarie once a month from now on!


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