Monday, February 14, 2011

Pita Bread with Sausage & Egg


This Valentines day, my wife has to go to US for work.  So, that means, I have to look after Jay & Kay myself with the help of my domestic helper.  This includes designing the kids menu everyday.

Day #1.  Pita bread with vege, sausages and eggs.


Basically, this is a very healthy food.  I was told.  Especially, I added in some vegetables in there.


Jay agrees to it.  He specially love the pita bread with sausage.


We bought this Pita bread from Cold Storage.  and I have also see it in Giant and NTUC.


We used the Pan Pacific Hotel's german sausage that you can get from Cold Storage.  Don't pan fried it, simply boiled it to cook will do, as the theme is healthy food.


Of course, you need Japanese mayo and Tomato ketchup too.

And its actually not too bad.  And like what the advertisement says, you can wrap almost everything with the Pita bread.


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