Sunday, February 13, 2011

Angry Bird-day Cake

The year is 2011.

Designed by my son - Jay Jay.


Cake by Awfully Chocolate.

All decors by my wife.  (Whatever you don't get from Awfully Chocolate as shown in picture)

May I present my 2011 Birthday Cake - "The Angry Bird-day Cake"


If you wonder what are the two poles doing there... Hmm... That is the elastic catapult... to shoot the pig at the cake...


Shoot what again?  The pig in that center of the block house...


It is not as colorful as Cheryl Shuen's cake, but the creativity is there.  Wait till you see the later part...


Now, how angry is this birthday cake?


Look at the candles... and the fierce fire....


Check out the many faces of the Angry Bird-day Cake...


Now, my wife bought the wrong candles...  check you the following youtube....

See how the cake get really angry, and how the birthday boy blow it, and then every one tries to blow it, and then, we need fireman to use water to sprinkle on the cake... hahaha LOL


By the way, the elastic catapult on the 2 poles actually works!  You can shoot the golden egg (not angry bird?) at the pic (not green piggy?) in the block house there... The aim is to shoot it down.. LOL, later you found in the video, there are toothpick in the block... to hold the structure... hahahahahahahahahahaha

Oh Boy, I really enjoy my cake this year!






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