Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Black Fungus in my Fuchow Red Wine Chicken Mee Suah

Saw a few posting from my FuChow cousins, making comment about the Black Fungus.


I learned this from my uncle Yee Meng (the Ngooi's).  A few year back, I went to his house for CNY gathering, I also amaze and surprise he put the black fungus in.  After I tasted it, I found that the FuChow Red wine taste is in there mix with the strong black fungus taste creates a unique taste and unforgettable one.  Since black fungus is good for high blood pressure and your heart, so, ever since then, we will add it into our Red Wine Chicken soup.


Here are quick steps to cook Red Wine Chicken Soup.  Since I need to go and pick up my Yu Shang, so, my wife will cook this dish.  And I am not around to take the step by step shot.  But you get the idea...

Step 1.  Slices (thin) a lot a lot of Gingers.

Step 2.  Marinate the Chicken with a bit of salt, a bit of sugar, a bit of soya sauce, and FuChow Red Wine.  Marinate 1/2 day.

Step 3.  Soak the black fungus for 1/2 day too.

Step 4.  Heat the wok hot.

Step 5.  Put sesame oil (note, not cooking oil) into the hot wok, let it heat up.

Step 6.  Put all ginger slices in there.  Stir fry it, and then slow stir fry it for a while until it turns golden color.

Step 7.  Put in Chicken into the wok, heat up and stir it.  until the surface of the chicken turn a bit white.  NOT FULLY COOK!!!

Step 8.  Pour in your red wine.  I cook 1 whole chicken.  So, I used 1 bottle of red wine.  for 8 people.

Step 9.  Bring it to boil.

Step 10.  Pour everything into a big pot, add water (thats for the soup).

Step 11.  Cook the soup until boil, then, slow cook it.

Step 12.  Cook for 30min-45min depending on how you like your chicken to be.

That's it!

When you serve it, don't forget to have a MARTELL VSOP there.  Add a teaspoon of Vsop.  Very nice.

I am glad everyone loves this dish at the party.  And make them have more guts when playing mahjong later. hahaha

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  1. Haha...I'm one of your FuChow cousins you're talking about. For sure I must try adding the black fungus next time. Also must try marinating the meat first and add a teaspoon of VSOP (if I can find it) before eating. Thanks for the ideas Ken!